Empowering Lives, Delivering Hope

We collect high priority items for Humanitarian Relief.

About Us

We help vulnerable global populations with urgent humanitarian relief, often with community donated surplus.

Recipients are vetted for a reliable logistics system and solid communication to ensure delivery success and assure donations are distributed immediately to those in need.

In partnership with you, Protect Global Children collects gently used (& some new) items of high priority request.

Fundraising supports shipping to send directly to those in need.

Our biggest effort is supporting families in Ukraine surviving a 2-year invasion, and we have supported Haitian and Israeli immigrants.

22,000 Pounds Delivered

(Over the Past 18 Months)


Gently Used Clothing


Medical Supplies


Hygiene Products



We send warmth. We send smiles. We send comfort. We send hygiene. We send hope.

In partnership with you, Protect Global Children collects gently used (& some new) items of high priority request for humanitarian relief. With fundraising efforts to support shipping, we send those items directly to those in need.

The true impact of your generosity is best captured through the smiles and relief on the faces of those who receive your donated goods.

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Does 100% of the money go towards shipping?

A very large percent of your monetary donation goes directly to cover the shipping costs of transporting donated goods, and purchasing high priority urgent needs that are not available in the area or are cost prohibitive.  Examples include tourniquets, infant formula, over the counter medical supplies, and batteries of all sizes.  Note: The Better Business Bureau recommends no more than 35% of a nonprofits budget should be spent on operating expenses.  Protect Global Children spends only 1.5%!

In what ways can I get involved beyond making a donation?

While monetary and item donations are vital to our mission, there are numerous other ways you can contribute your time and talents to make a lasting impact. This includes, but is not limited to, volunteering opportunities like packing/shipping items, hosting donation drives, spreading awareness, donating your professional skills, corporate partnerships and sponsorships, etc.

How can I ensure my donated items will reach those in need?

Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to effective aid distribution. In the past year alone, we have successfully delivered over 10,000 pounds of essential supplies to families displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, providing them with vital resources during their time of crisis. Additionally, our efforts have supported Haitian and Israeli immigrant communities, ensuring they receive the necessary provisions to rebuild their lives. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our donors and supporters. Regular updates and detailed reports are provided, outlining the specific locations and populations that have benefited from your contributions. This level of openness allows you to witness the tangible impact of your generosity firsthand.

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