We collect high priority items for Humanitarian Relief.


About Us

An action-based organization

We help vulnerable global populations with urgent humanitarian relief, often with community donated surplus.

Recipients are vetted for a reliable logistics system and solid communication to ensure delivery success and assure donations are distributed immediately to those in need.

In partnership with you, Protect Global Children collects gently used (& some new) items of high priority request.

Fundraising supports shipping to send directly to those in need.

Our biggest effort is supporting families in Ukraine surviving a 2-year invasion, and we have supported Haitian and Israeli immigrants.


December 21, 2023, Winchester News, by Joyce Westner:  Helpers Among Us–collecting for Ukrainians

Current High Priority Requests (As of February 2024)

  • New Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, etc.)
  • Used or New: CPAP Machines, , Nebulizers
  • Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses (No liquids.)
  • Underwear (Men, Women & Children. No XL sizes pls)
  • Infant Formula
  • Protein Shake Mix
  • Instant Coffee
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Our Founder

Award-winning corporate consultant

Dr. BonnieJean Butler is an award-winning corporate consultant specializing in meeting tight deadlines with small teams. Her vocation to provide security to needy populations has been proven again and again as she served as Board of Directors Vice President, Habitat for Humanity Greater Nashua, Board of Directors Vice President for Orphan Baby, and founded Radiant Baby a program providing baby showers in a basket for pregnant women homeless (or on the verge) as well as for sex trafficked pregnant women, which is a shocking term, even for her. She knew she needed to help.

In 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine she was disgusted watching schools and hospitals intentionally targeted by missiles on the news. True to form, she was spurred into action. She researched and hired Ukraine shipping and delivery which has been consistently reliable with tracking throughout the entire Russian invasion. She build relationships with a npo in Ukraine supporting families and a contact spear-heading collections and distributions for Defenders similar to the resistance in WW2. She created an online inventory to Ukraine recipients in advance of receiving humanitarian supplies for distribution planning, and receives pictures of women, children and men with donations. In the last 16 months from Sept 2022 – January 2024, she personally shipped 11 TONS directly to Ukraine, and founded Protect Global Children as a nonprofit. She recently spoke with HURI (Harvard Ukraine Research Institute, the leading center in the US for interdisciplinary research on Ukraine.

She recently received two awards from Ukraine for these Humanitarian efforts and knows there is so much more work to do and the needs are desperate.

Additionally, Dr. Butler was a hands-on advocate for Angels of East Africa, working with Sam Childrens in 2018 – 2019 who was the first American to receive the Mother Theresa Award for Social Justice.

In 2010 – 11, she demonstrated tremendous Soldiers Advocacy for Deployed Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan personally sent over 3000 lbs of care packages to soldiers who didn’t have support from home. She didn’t know them but heard they were struggling and immediately jumped into action. This effort earned her hundreds of unexpected and moving thank you notes, Multiple Certifications of Appreciation from Combat Support Hospital and Armored Regiment Combat Teams, a Soldiers Angels Award, and an American Flag flown over Afghanistan her honor and shipped to her. She also worked on the Pentagon Restoration Plan immediately after 9/11.

Dr. Butler will be the first one to tell you it’s all about letting people know someone cares.


We send warmth. We send smiles. We send comfort. We send hygiene. We send hope.

In partnership with you, Protect Global Children collects gently used (& some new) items of high priority request for humanitarian relief. With fundraising efforts to support shipping, we send those items directly to those in need.

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Make a difference in someone's life.

Sometimes the smallest donated item gives the biggest smiles

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If you are interested in volunteering please let us know of any special skill set(s) you may have. For High Priority Request drop-off items, please let us know what you have and we will respond to coordinate a location.